Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Top Boy Season 2 Episode 2 Online Free

Release date:31 October 2011 (USA)
Genre:Crime, Drama, Thriller
Summary: Featuring an ensemble cast of brilliant new talent, "Top Boy" is Ronan Bennett's new four-part drama about young lives lived on the edge and, for the most part, lived out of sight in east London today. On London's Summerhouse Estate, lives are lived along lines, and challenges come in all forms, even - especially - for kids. An honest and gripping rendition of inner-city drug and gang culture.

Dushane goes to see Joe in hospital and finds out that their drugs were stolen by a gang of Albanians. Sully and Mike are asked to carry out a hit. Sully reveals their target who ends up being someone very close to home and things end up not going to plan.

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